Can we prepay HDFC Home Loan with cash ?

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I have a HDFC home loan. I have been doing some partial prepayments by visiting the branch and depositing cheque.

However, now my parents may get some amount of cash due to proceeds from sale of ancestral house.

Can this cash be used to prepay my home loan ? Is there some limit upto which the bank may accept cash deposit for partial prepayment ?

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I don't think it is that easy - isn't the money from the house essentially black?

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bro , some people will be commenting income tax ltcg black money bla bla
but let me tell you a solution just make small deposits of that money in various saving bank account of family , relatives and friends if it is large do it in tranches and strech the process for months.
Then after that do NEFT to your loan account.
if you try to pay large amount with cash then there are more chances of account getting flagged & sometimes the depositer at banks manually flag the accounts, my solution will be much easier and less chances of flagging or you getting into problem.
to those who live by the books black or white money is money , it has the same power.
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No, u cannot deposit money by cash for prepayment of hdfc home loan....also just to let u know, u can do online payment upto 25% of your outstanding need to go to branch. U can check the process on their helpline number. 

Current hdfc home loan owner smile

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Since you know the process, can you elaborate. Do you make a NEFT/IMPS/RTGS transfer? If so, to which account?
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