Canara Robeco Blue Chip or Nifty 50 Index Fund for 10 years

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Starting to plan a Monthly SIP for next 10-15 years on Large cap segment.  Shortlisted these two. One is passive index fund and other is actively managed large cap fund.

1) Nifty 50 Index Fund.

2) Canara Robecco Bluechip Fund. (Large Cap)

Should i go for Passive index fund or Active large cap. I am okay paying little additional expense ratio for active fund.

Does the second option beats the index?

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index anytime

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Canara one has outperformed Nifty 50 Index over 10 years. One of the very few to do that.

You can put 50% in Nifty 50 index & 50% in canara bluechip in case u get too confused

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Yes thats why i shortlisted Canara bluechip.  Thansk for sharing your thoughts,
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Index fund. 

In such a long time it's difficult to outperform the market, so active funds (like CR blue chip fund) tend to show average performance compared to benchmark. But when you consider fees of active funds (much higher than index funds) their net performance is relatively lower. 

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CR blue chip fund is 0.38% expense fees and Index funds fees is 0.2% approx...Will that make much of a difference on long term?
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