CANARA Virtual Rupay Debit card

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Canara is offering virtual debit card via app.

I was wondering if the Rupay variant is a Rupay platinum card and if it is a chargeable card.

I saw one video does show the card starts with 6523 39XX XXXX XXXX which is similar to bob Rupay platinum card.

Please share your valueable input in this regard.

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charges for this ....?? or free

Deal Lieutenant Deal Lieutenant
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Wait till 1st april. Rupay platinum offer gonna revise soon.

Deal Lieutenant Deal Lieutenant
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My existing is 652340 which is rupay plat, so most probably 39 will also be platinum

Flame Flame
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Check it on any BIN checker site. Search BIN checker on google. 

Or alternatively you can do one thing, you can go on any cc generator site and then choose the option of providing first few digits by yourself and then it will generate a dummy cc number for you. You can use the same number in Amazon app on friday to check if that card is giving you 20% discount or not. 

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thanks, will look into this.
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Canara charged Rs 590 for Rupay Platinum DC last month. If I had know about this in advance I would have closed it. 

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That is for physical card.
Should have closed canara cards before renewal by paying 177/- .
I closed mine.
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Deal Major Deal Major
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Any charges for this virtual card

Comrade Comrade
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I tried calling the customer care number 3 times.

1 executive said it's free

2 executives said it's chargeable

So No clarification at all. Now lodged a complaint and also going to ask on Twitter too.

Lets wait and watch 

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Every comment has gone off topic and no one answered the Op question.

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