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Guys I bought a mobile 2 days ago using ncemi option using hdfc cc, how to cancel the emi? I checked in mycards page, it is showing under active emi..there is a button to preclose loan but it is showing around ₹500 charges

Please help
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Login to mycards request for Cancellation from there.

Charges - only 35 rs. ( processing fee of 199 is reversed )

Tip 1 - Never make EMI transaction on HDFC cc if your billing date is within 7 days coz if first EMI is billed, then processing fee is not Reversed.

Tip 2 - After EMI Cancellation, HDFC ask us to pay outstanding within 24 hours but if not done there is also no issues. ( self tested )

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my billing date is tomorrow. can i buysomething today. it wont reflect tomorrow right? i can pay all the amount right away. thanks
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how much was interest discount you received on full swipe ?

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How much time has elapsed since you made the purchase. Once emi is billed you have to pay processing fee and interest on whole nc emi amount since purchase along with GST on both

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All charges reversed except ₹35.82 🙂

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How man? I cancelled ncemi and before cancel itself ( they take 4 days to cancel ncemi) my statement generated and emi billed with gst 108. 

Now they are asking to pay emi amount along with gst and the same will be reduced from my principal in next bill cycle. So i end up paying 

36 gst on processing fee+ GST already charged for interest in current bill cycle + any principal left in next billing cycle.

Anyway to avoid it


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