Carrier AC warranty issue

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I purchased a Carrier ac last year in May 2023 from local electronics store 

before running ac I want to service and raised a service request from Carrier customer service

they asked my contact number and serial number of product 

they said your product is not registered and hence it is considered as out of warranty

they are asking to pay visiting and service charges for my product.

Now I am worried about the warranty of my ac if something happens

when I purchased ac from store, it advertised with 5 years warranty on product and PCB and 10 years compressor warranty

I have my original bill copy from electronics store, I called store and they asked to contact brand and they not helping me.

Now carrier company is claiming my product is out of warranty, how to claim warranty and the service without charges.

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Pro Entertainer Pro Entertainer
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Raise issue on twitter. Share sensitive details in DM only.

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File a complaint to

National consumer Helpline 

at https://consumerhelpline.g...n/

Upload Invoice and warranty card etc.

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@Shrek2001 - Apart from what was advertised, do you have any proof that it carries 5 years warranty on product and PCB and 10 years compressor warranty?

Deal Cadet Deal Cadet
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no proof, at time of purchase it was in offer. AC Manuel has written 1 year standard warranty
Generous Generous
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Contact Higher Officials of the Carrier, they will help you out with the issue.

You haven't availed of any free services in the last 1 year? 

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this is first free service for my ac.
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Finance Mentor Finance Mentor
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Usually, after delivery, when one calls customer care for company installation, product gets registered...

If your dealer hasn't notified or filed the details after purchase in the correct way, then this might arise...

Dunno what to suggest...

Pro Shopping Friend Pro Shopping Friend
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If the installation was done by carrier then the product is registered with them. You opted for a third party Installation?

Benevolent Benevolent
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Even I Have Bluestar Ac Purchased Locally , Installed By Shop Technician...

Not Online Registered...

After 9 Years Capacitor Failed, Contacted Bluestar Support , Technician Visited Asked Invoice... He Registered Online With Ac Serial Number And Then Repaired Outdoor Unit.

While Leaving Technician Told I Still Have 1 Year Warranty On Compressor.

Benevolent Benevolent
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For Carrier Ac , Gas Leaked... I Contact The Helpline Number , Every Time Technician Visited And Saying Gas Not Available With Them ( In Warranty )

This Scenario Repeated 4 Times And Customer Care Is Helpless.

Sent A Mail To Carrier Support And Explained Scenario Of Technician Habitat's.

Next Day Morning 2 Guys Came With Gas Cylinders And Filled The Gas...

After Completion Got A Call 2 Times From Higher Management To Confirm Everything Okay Or Not.

Now I Am Happy Because Mail Support Responded.

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