Cashback in mobile Recharge,Electricity bill,PNG gas,LPG gas

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Which is an easy way to get Max Cashback  Every month in all Bill Payments?

Please suggest for regular cashback
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If you hold Ola Money SBI credit card, every bill cycle, you can get 7% cashback upto Rs. 500 on wallet reload (don't reload just like that, there's a whole thread and discussion on it, go through that first).

Then use the balance in your OlaMoney wallet to pay bills, recharge etc.

If you've OlaMoney card, use that OlaMoney card to pay bills from any other website where you're getting extra offers by applying coupon. This way, you can make the best of both worlds, benefit of coupon as well as 7% cashback in OlaMoney wallet which you've already availed.

Prior to this, I used to buy Amazon vouchers from HDFC Smartbuy at 5% cashback in credit card statement but now they stopped this on HDFC Regalia CC.

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Now since RBI has lifted ban on Mastercard, when can we expect ola to start issuing ola money card again?
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