chances of blocking/ cancelling credit card for doing money rotation?

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What are the chances that a credit card gets temporarily blocked/cancelled permanent for doing education fee/ rent payment/ wallet load/ gift card purchase? What are the consequences for paying self/ family/ friends for them and us if we get tax notice?

Share your experiences, please.

And anyone continuosly doing these type of transactions say 1 lakh per month or more and still not faced any hiccups?

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If u r rotating money/ordering/shopping via online/offline per month within ur given credit limit, u r safe and no need to worry about anything especially about permanently cancellation of the card. Bank usually block/cancel card permanently when u cross ur given cc limit continuously for the period of 6 months or more.

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search some better option instead of doing this

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Cc से ट्रांसफर करने के पैसे अगर बैंक नही ले रहा होता तो ये बंद होता जब तुम ऐसे किसी भी rotation का पैसा दे रहे हो तो ये क्यों बंद होगा ? 

बैंक को तो अपने पैसे से मतलब है ।

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don't rotate same set of cards every month, change the cards as safety precaution on every rotation.

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within limit no issue

over limit, they will cancel in 3-6 months

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