Check my dp .... and help


What do we call this kind of dp ? Its not just a pic ... but its a moving image for few seconds.

Where all can we use this ?

What is it called ? Any special word to denote it ?

Can i put this kind of dp on whatsapp ?

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GIF image [Graphics Interchange Format]

It is not possible to use a GIF as a WhatsApp profile picture. WhatsApp does not support it and will not allow you to make it your profile picture. To make sure that WhatsApp will accept your picture/image, choose a .jpeg or .png image type

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Didn’t try on whatsapp so not sure but no (dp)

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Animated picture denoted by .gif extension 

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Can be used in Google account DP also there are two more animated picture format other than GIF which i actively and heavily use in my professional work, webp and apng webp is byfar the best choice for various reasons in web designs and apng is something entirely different although few browser don't render the animation and show that as a static image but it's still awesome in its own.

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nice ... can u give examples of them  ... or share a link to such pages.
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