Cheq app reduces the value of each chips to Rs. 0.50 for vouchers from today

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Today onwards cheq reduces the chips value to Rs.0.50.
How many of you know about it?
Today onwards moving back to HDFC Bill Pay Screenshot2023-02-16-01-43-24-74a8721b6e39f8a060503e1c55507ff5cc
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it isn't something new..

this happened even before official launch.. 

reward rate -(4000 chips/month cap)

for cash - 0.25% (rs 1000)

for amazon pay - 0.5% (rs 2000)

some vouchers like croma has 1% rate..

still somewhat worth it...

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meme yaad aa gya, bhai ye toh shuru hote hi khatam ho gya

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Link to the app please

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Can someone please tell me difference between cheq and cheQ

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Small q and big Q

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Bigbasket also 0.5 now?

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Isn't cred much better than this.

Immediate payments.

For each 1000/- paid , I get in the range of 8 to 20 rupees cashback.

Ideal for 3-4 CC with two cred accounts on a monthly credit usage of 12k-15k distributed over all CC.

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