Child un-installs Android Apps

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I have Redmi note 10 phone.

I dont want any screen lock for my phone. At the same time I want my five year old child to have access to my android phone.
But the problem is that he un-installs App from google store, when play store prompts to free space while installing new games.

Is there any way to stop the same. I try to keep enough free space but everytime its not possible

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Deal Cadet Deal Cadet
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kids mode option ?

Deal Lieutenant Deal Lieutenant
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Perfect solution delivered. Keep it up.

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Lock playstore

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Please limit kids usage of mobile phones and advocate real life games and activities . 

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Buy a steam deck or rog ally and buy some good games for him so he won't use your phone to play those shitty ad ridden pay to win mobile games 

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Don't give mobile to your kid

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