CIBIL dropped (paylater and Wrong Inquiries).

Hello Dimers,
My credit score gone from 768 to 722 and now 714.
I took a secured icici cc around Oct'22 and then i got amazon paylater notification so i also enabled it(my biggest mistake) and i only used it one time and paid full due way before due date which was December 5.
In my amazon account there was ₹49 overdue so i contacted amazon then idfc. Both were saying contact other party, it was a never ending loop. Then After 3 months in February the 49 rupees overdue was corrected and then i closed my paylater account.
In January last week or February cibil was 722 and in March it is 714 (i think 8 pts decreased bcz of closing paylater).
Still my Cibil didn't come back to its original figure, even after correcting overdue and closing paylater.
I also got OneCard metal pre approved without any documents whatsoever in January'23.
Also in January when i haven't heard about desidime, my stupid self applied for 4 credit card in under 10 days, All were rejected bcz my credit history was just 2 months old.
Also ICICI made two Loan inquiries first in December when i opened application for amazon cc but haven't submitted and then in January when i submitted and got rejected.
So my question is, does my Score dropped bcz of that paylater overdue or bcz of these 4cc and 2 wrong loan inquiries and what should i do for those wrong ICICI loan inquiries even tho i applied for amazon icici cc.
Sorry for long post.
Thank you.
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Deal Cadet Deal Cadet
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Same thing happened with me freecharge pay later increase and decrease cibil score 765 + - 6

Same 69 over due on loan 

And wrong limit of one card my limit was 3300 but showing 15k and due is 102 and showing 157 😂😂

Beacon Beacon
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After how many months your one card showing in CIBIL?

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Benevolent Benevolent
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now use existing card every month and wait for 3 months or 750+ cibil

Finance Mentor Finance Mentor
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Mess... wait it out.

Deal Cadet Deal Cadet
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Combination of all the factors is the cause. It won't come back to the original number. It would be a rather gradual increase over the period of three to six months. Keep using the cards you have with utilization in mind and control the urge for applying new cards for awhile.

Beacon Beacon
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Not going to apply anything for 6 months atleast, also mailed icici for wrong loan enquiry. Should i wait 30 days and then rbi ombudsman?

Generous Generous
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Even my CIBIL score dropped from 779 to 686 because Ola Money Postpaid reported Rs. 2 defaulted whereas I had paid all bills till date on time. It's been more than 6 months now, still fighting but man, your case is a series of (bad) events, for now, take some time off and build good score until you're credit worthy 😊

Beacon Beacon
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Your overdue still showing after 6 months? Did you complained to RBI ombudsman?

Yeah its been a mess, I'm just waiting for  my next Cibil report if the loan inquiry is still there then will report to RBI so atleast wrong Inquiries be removed.

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Update : Cibil restore now its 752 smile.

Now will try to remove wrong icici loan inquiry.

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