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CIBIL Enquiry Without My Consent



Today Received automated recorded call from "+915227188859" (continued receiving calls from past few days)

Press 1 For Axis Bank CC, Press 2 For Not Interested

by mistake I pressed 1 and after that an enquiry made for personal loan by "WHIZDM FINANCE PRIVATE LIMITED" (It's from moneyview)

I never applied for moneyview personal loan and already holding 2 axis CC but don't know why moneyview made enquiry for personal loan.

I am getting calls after checking cibil score at wishfin.

I want to lodge complaint against Moneyview and want to remove enquiry from my CIBIL profile which made without my consent.

I want to live stress-free life, holding 12 cc but even received many calls and sms from different different Numbers for credit cards/ loans.... it's very irritating. 

@guest_999 @kukdookoo @bikidas2060

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I want to live stress-free life, holding 12 cc

That's like saying I want to live stress free life having 2 GFs. smile

Nothing you can do now because enquiry was made with your consent(aka press key 1). Many fintechs make a personal loan enquiry as they don't give a credit card directly but via some tie-up with other banks/fintech companies so only way they can get your cibil report is via personal loan enquiry.

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Bhai Holding 12 CC not issue for me because I rarely use my CC....I can manage 12 Gf Too but I am married so can't take risk 😃.

But I did mistake, I checked my CIBIL score Paisabazar, Bankbazaar, Wishfin, Bajaj and after that receiving too many spam calls/message.

I am receiving calls from lendingkart, indialends, falnana, dikda.... Ohhh My God 😢

I applied for all Cards via offincal website only.

Please help me...... don't know how they get my pan card number? 

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You cannot remove it paji now.what u can do is cut down on cards. If you are still rotating money and ordering stuff for resale then check which card is not giving more rewards and close it down and avoid pressing any keys for these calls.
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Bro these calls from spammers like lendingkart/indialends/Falana/Dikana..... I did mistake that I checked my CIBIL score on 3rd party apps....Maybe any 3rd party app like Bankbazaar/Wishfin/Paisabazar shared my personal data with spammers.

I am worrying what happened if they take Loan using my details? 😶

Bro I am not rotating money or ordering stuff for resale.... I just took all cc for paying electricity bills/recharge or Amazon/Flipkart all Trasactions genuine....


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Axis bank sell your info to 3rd parties if you hold axis cc or loan you can expect these calls. Also you need to give otp for cibil enquiry consent or a signed application given to bank no bank or nbfc can't check cibil by a phone call

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Bhai my personal data shared by Wishfin (Free CIBIl Score  Website), Same confirmed by Wishfin, I haven't received any OTP. Just received Automated recorded call and I pressed 1 and after 2 minutes I have notification from CIBIL "Your CIBIL report has changed" I never share an Singal OTP with friend who take 4 lakh Rupees Gold loan from Bank & have only slice card....but in his CIBIL data showing 7.50 Lakh loan, 12 Lakh loan, 14 Lakh part only 25K loan overdue.

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