Citibank "Small Balance Reversal" entry in Statement


Anybody got any idea about "Small Balance Reversal" Row in Citibank CC statement. FYI, No refund was expected in Statement. Anyone else also experienced this? The cardholder pays more than the statement amount everytime to avoid any chump change issues and financial charges because of that. Can anyone explain this. TIA.

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Better call the customer care and get clarification. If you share their response here, we will be obliged.

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They said that the transaction has been reversed by a merchant but they don't know know which merchant (and I am supposed to find that out according to customer care). And like I said earlier, I am not expecting any refund. So, I am still in the dark.

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my guess - excess amount refunded to bank account

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@morningstar96 any update.

Similar thing happened to my citi card last month. I should have 99 rs due and yet in statement they have credited that 99 rs as Small Balance Reversal and made 0 payment due. Credit Limit revised to the max as well.

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Nope, their response didn't change during subsequent interaction with the customer service and since it was a credit, I decided to let it go than pursue it any further.

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