"Cleartrip.com: A Deceitful Company with Poor Customer Service and Refund Policies"

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Cleartrip.com is an online travel platform that promises hassle-free booking of flights, hotels, and other travel-related services. However, my recent experience with Cleartrip has left me extremely disappointed and frustrated. Despite providing all the necessary proof of a transaction that took place from my end, I am yet to receive the refunds for my cancelled trip and it has been almost a month .

I have been constantly contacting Cleartrip via email and phone calls, but to no avail. Every time I have reached out to them, they have either given me false promises or been elusive of the transaction details. It seems like they are hiding something and are not willing to take responsibility for their mistakes.

In addition to the refunds issue, Cleartrip's customer service leaves much to be desired. They do not reply to emails promptly, and when they do, their responses are often vague and unhelpful. I have also had to deal with their unprofessional behavior on the phone.

During one of my phone conversations with a Cleartrip executive, my mother was told that Cleartrip staff find it hard to write emails. This is a shocking revelation for a company that deals with online bookings and payments. It makes me wonder if Cleartrip is purposely avoiding a written trail of communication to hide their misdoings.

Moreover, I am based abroad, and the transaction itself was made from a foreign bank. However, Cleartrip prefers to call my mother, who resides in India, rather than communicating with me directly through email. This adds an unnecessary layer of complication and delays to the whole process.

In addition to the problems I have mentioned earlier, I would like to highlight the fact that despite providing all the necessary proof of the transaction taking place from my end, the refunds for the cancelled trip have not been issued by Cleartrip. I have provided them with bank statements, transaction IDs, and other documents that clearly indicate that the payment was made from my end, but they continue to deny having received it.

Moreover, their customer service representatives have been dishonest and elusive throughout the entire ordeal. They have made promises to investigate the matter and get back to me, but have failed to do so. They have also given conflicting information and have been unresponsive to my emails and calls.

I am now contemplating taking legal action against Cleartrip and have already contacted the Consumer Protection agency in India. It is unacceptable for a company to behave in such a manner and I want to ensure that this does not happen to anyone else.

I urge all potential customers to be cautious while dealing with Cleartrip. They do not seem to take their customers' concerns seriously and are not transparent in their transactions. Their customer service is also extremely poor and unresponsive. It is important to do your research before choosing to do business with them.

In conclusion, I hope that Cleartrip will take responsibility for their actions and resolve the issue at hand. However, I want to warn others of the potential risks of dealing with this company and the lack of accountability they display.

Date of experience: April 07, 2023

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Can be said the same for Flipkart travels as both are one and the same. 

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