Cometic Lab testing ? How where

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This is by far the worst feeling one can have 

My wife just spent 4000 rs for 4 creams+2 soaps

Being sold by a local homemade scam person under tag " Herbal creams"

Claiming to whiten skin  in 3 days .

Every living cell of brain, no matter how many a indian women have ,dies , when someone lure her to get white/whiter skin 

I just wan if u guys know how and where to lab test this cream . 

I am 100% sure its some branded cream packed in a loose and local container and fooling women around and earning atlest 2500 scam money .

1500 ki cream 4000 may 👍

Cosmetic lab Test

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where is lab test here? some centres are providing such treatments in clinic and charging 25k-50k per session and people are paying it

Deal Cadet Deal Cadet
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Wow , not enuf money to pay for a lab test 

For now i will keep my quiet n anger within as whatever i tell her that product is fake , it's aguarented fight then😵‍💫

Firestorm Firestorm
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U k ow what u cant even sue them...

Since there is no document that proves their claims ... It was just verbal advertising by some sales team... They r supposed to reach their targets...

Even company called byjus sold corses worth 1000 for 1lakhs

I can tell u only 1 rule that

Do not let any bogus hawkers (+sales man) enter ur house .. since they're extremely good at manipulating a human brain.

Few years back(5+yrs ago) i was sold a pack of ashwagandha for 2.5k ... I was stupid enough to trust them... Later i was like ... "What the hell just happened???"

Is it really worthit ? I called a local pharmacist and asked the same question to him... He said the herbs aren't even worth a 100...

I was lucky that on last moment i decided to pay via check (which i cancelled later)

They r all scammers beware!

Its a big mlm sceme... And they get paid on referral basis ...

Even big companies like patanjali r scamming people nowadays ... Claiming that they've found cure to "incurable disease" .. while on paper they got nothing to prove....

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