compliation of credit card bill pay via UPI id

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Is there any compilation of formats for diff banks credit card UPI id


For au

AUCC.<Registered Mobile Number><Last 4 digit of Credit Card>@AUBANK" · Enter amount you wish to pay ...

A xis Bank Credit Card bill using the UPI payment ID

Cc.   91  <Your 10 Digit Registered Mobile No.> <Last 4 Digits Of Your Credit Card>@Axisbank

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icici ccpay.cardnumber@icici

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All your mentioned CC are compiled in : CC Bill Payment Via UPI Send Money.

Please Visit https://ddime.i...Uv
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Sbi not working on said format

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hmm if we paid via UPI id we wont get debit card cash back so i am personally avoiding this methods of cc payment (just saying)

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Why this method needed? Any trick behind it?

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