Confirming recipient account details when they just share phone number

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Paytm has been my app of choice for UPI payments but I noticed one flaw there. Often the roadside vendors give their phone numbers, and Paytm used to show that the number is a Paytm user for several years. However, the recipient would have stopped using the app long ago. In such cases, I foresaw a risk of payment landing in some dormant account. At some point, Paytm used to show the recipient's bank name but that stopped. If a bank name is shown, it becomes easier to confirm.

Since then, I started using PhonePe for number-based payments as I felt these people are often on PhonePe. 

What approach do you use for such payments? 

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Upi id 

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I agree it's foolproof but such people sometimes don't have their phones and are not clear about what a UPI ID is. If they have a phone in hand, I usually ask for the QR - if they can't retrieve it, I navigate their app.

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yup same has happened with me when I paid to a cab driver thru paytm. and money was not received i the account he was expecting. but for me it was showing successfull deposited in SBI account.
And to my surprise, driver told that he do not have any SBI account. So i had to pay him by cash and leave.
But this left me with lot open questions ..... so i went to SBI and came to know that driver has an old account which is not in use.
So I called driver and told him about his own account. He eventually remembered and thanked me as there lot of similar money deposits.
ever since I stopped using paytm app.
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I appreciate you for going the extra mile to reach out to SBI and being glad the driver acknowledged it. 
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