Confusion regarding train ticket. Please clarify


My mother and I are travelling to Bhubaneswar from Howrah on 12 May. I booked a 2AC ticket for her under senior citizen quota and the same was confirmed. Now for me, knowing that I would be sharing the seat, simply bothered to book a ticket under Sleeper class, but obviously, it was not confirmed and the same is at PWQL57. 

Now I just checked online, and I see that PQWL tickets are not eligible for travel when bought online. What am I to do in this situation? I don't need a reserved seat but i must travel on this train. Experienced travellers please let me know the needful.

PS: added screenshots for clarity.



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Flame Flame
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Your will be auto cancelled and refunded.

You will have to buy waiting ticket from platform to become eligible for traveling 

Critic Critic
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So I can just go to station counter and ask for a waiting list ticket? I mean knowing fully well that it'll never be confirmed, they will give me a ticket? And with the same I can travel? 

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Blaze Blaze
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Online waitlist tickets are cancelled automatically. Only way is to try tatkal or buy general ticket and request TTE for sharing with your mom's berth.

Deal Newbie Deal Newbie
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In second AC, getting to board without ticket would lead to demands of excessive bribes for one to be allowed to stay.

Hence as suggested, try in tatkal too, while going in for a over the counter waitlisted or confirmed ticket elsewhere and then, for a short 8-9 hours journey the TTE would not be such a prick.
Especially if aunty ji can herself narrate her being a patient, besides the trauma of the recent road accident.

Try to find out if you or someone whom you know has talking terms with the local MLA or other politicians who can sign-off on that quota form.

Or an agent who might be connected with such people or with railway employees to get one booked via VIP quota or politician's discretionary quota.

Hope 🙇🏻‍♂️ma'am has recovered and coping well, staying strong.💙🤍
Deal Subedar Deal Subedar
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2nd option is 

Take general ticket from counter and travel with your mom and when TC comes pay the fine . 

And enjoy the travel.

Vanguard Vanguard
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Just curious, how much fine(approx) might be asked by TC ?

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Generous Generous
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Buy 2A/3A waiting counter ticket and travel. (Due to vacation, chances of getting vacant seat is very thin.)

You can try tatkal as well.

Critic Critic
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Just to give an update on the matter: 

I checked the ticket status on DoJ around 3 pm on pnr status website. It was pqwl 42. I didn't bother to manually cancel the ticket knowing that theres no way it will be confirmed. Then around 6 pm a sms came saying it's confirmed. Not only that, it was some free upgrade to 3ac. I checked the msg much later, by then there was no scope of cancellation. 

So the summary is: Around 3 pm Indian railway shows PQWL42. Around 6 pm the same is confirmed and upgraded even. I don't get it. Is this poor server management? Like not showing proper real time data or what?

PS: I had got a 2ac counter ticket the next day of this topic.

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Helpful Helpful
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wait till the chart is prepared, if it turns to RAC it wont get cancelled. but i think you cant travel in ac coach with sleeper class rac ticket too.

Critic Critic
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Thanks all. Will get a 3ac counter ticket.

@BAT_MAN explanation: i knew i would be sharing her seat (when both tickets were shown to be WL upon booking us both in 2ac/ senior citizen quota, which should have been one CNF and one WL instead), hence bothered with a sleeper (a separate ticket). Is this explanation satisfactory?

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Tech Guru Tech Guru
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Knowing that i would be sharing.. booked sleeper

Can you explain this pls?

Deal Newbie Deal Newbie
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Tatkal ticket should be booked based on the originating station and not based on the boarding station. Any waiting list booked online would be auto cancelled considering the status of your ticket it has very thin chance of getting it confirmed. So try to book tatkal ticket  and if not getting a counter ticket and board the train and ask TTE to allocate the seat if availability and you can check the seat availability in IRCTC app after chart preparation and just pay the difference fair amount to TTE and then you can with your aunt 

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