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The credit card bill paying app cred intruded a service called Garage.

Cred collects the data pf your vehicle from mParivahan and digilocker and links without having app in your phone.

The ux so awesome and it's shows a 3d model of your car and bike.
Also from here itself you can check
  • Registration certificate
  • Insurance validity and renewal
  • Pollution certificate
  • Fastag balance and recharge
The garage option do track the fuel expenses of you from your credit card data.
Cool feature and try NOW

Brilliant UX

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Asks permission for digilocker, mparivahan, sms, gmail.

In short every single bit of information from you.

What's so cool about it, I don't get it

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Arrey, bhai ko poora 3D model dikh raha hai apne bike/car ka, aur kya chahiye XD
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So they are  slowly trying to get access to all our data .Next one may be our medical history

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Only hope for CRED's revival is utilise their UserExp to build useful stuff like these..and then sell Insurance, Finance etc...

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