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Is it just me or the Cred app interface has become horrible after they switch to card layout ig some 6 months back.

They are slowly trying to become all in one app or aggregator app and not improving the credit card payment journey.

Everytime I open the app I find it difficult to search where the Credit card option is, I think they are playing with the button just like instagram does it with reel option.

What's everyone view on this?

I find cheq better than cred but I decided to pay all the card bill from 1 app which make tracking of card payment simpler and I lost the usage of cheq after they introduced the processing fee which I think is reverted but I still find it difficult to switch.
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hmmm i manually calculate date , there by keeping my spend in control:)

i use these apps like cred and cheq just for cash back, my data is 100% wrong in them (as i didnt gave proper access to SMS and Email) sooo over all at the end of the day tracking credit card manually will give you sense of spending and not over spending

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Well I found a way to give them access to email.

Create 1 new gmail account and send your credit card statement from your primary mail account to new gmail account using the auto forwarding feature of gmail.

Then in cred give access to the new gmail account.
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CRED's UI has always been horrible. Certain apps have extremely terrible UIs - Park+, CRED, Bajaj are some of them smile

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this app is wrost app of All the payment Apps,


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