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Should I take money from cred and pay my credit card bill, and pay cred in easy 36 or 48 month installment?

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Pay from ur bank account and close the card pls

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If I would have in the account, will definitely do it.

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rahulsahal04653 wrote:

If I would have in the account, will definitely do it.

Then why did you spend it. Unless it was an emergency, if you can’t curb your spendings you’re end up in bad debt. Anyway, not here to lecture you but before directly taking cred cash, i would check with bank If they provide Loan less interest or check if there is a pre approved jumbo loan kind of offer. Take the best interest offer and use it to pay since 1-2% also makes a lot difference assuming the cc dues are huge(since you mentioned 36-48 months tenure)

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