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There is offer for me of Cred Cash at rate of 13.99%.
So shall I take loan from them or not?? Needs suggestions of your's

Please comment under this post of your experience with cred cash.

And if anyone has taken loan from them then Pm me or you can comment your suggestions. Screenshot2023-03-11-22-10-15-16204a3e7a56d80833934821a7ecffdc0a
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Pro DealBaba Pro DealBaba
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U can get personal loan at cheaper interest rate

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Cred Cash is not visible for me, probably they have removed this for the Mint users, can anyone confirm?

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Cred cash is available for few users from past years. They haven't rollout to every cred user yet.

I have mint plus cred cash both enabled in my acc

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It's very good option for emergencies. No foreclosure charges have utilised few times when was on cash crunch

Every user have different rates for cred cash. My primary acc have cred cash with 12.99% Where's the other acc have 15.99%

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You have taken loan from them??

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Benevolent Benevolent
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i have taken the loan. everything is smooth.

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