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Got this in WhatsApp from Cred. Looks like they lend investors' money to borrowers (Cred Cash?) and share part of the interest to investors.



You've received an exclusive invite to CRED mint from CRED.

This is your chance to earn up to 10.5% returns on your CRED mint investments.

Access to CRED mint is limited to a select few: Claim your invite before it expires within the next 14 days.

Proceed to learn more about CRED mint by clicking below.


how can I maximize my returns on CRED mint and what happens if I need to withdraw early?

the longer the money stays invested, higher the returns. these are the current plans: 9% (withdraw anytime), 10% (12 month lock-in), 10.5% (24 month lock-in), however, we understand that emergencies can arise. CRED mint ensures flexibility in such scenarios, allowing you to withdraw your investment even before the maturity period ends. in such situations, you get back your investment along with a 7% return on it.

what are the risk details of the scheme I am investing in through CRED mint?

here are the details of the CRED recommended scheme: bureau - minimum bureau score of 700, IRR - minimum IRR of 12.5%, income - minimum monthly income Rs. 25,000, age - 21-60 years, credit card history - 80% customers with credit card, new to credit - not allowed.

are there other schemes I can invest in via Liquiloans?

there are multiple other schemes you can choose to invest in directly via Liquiloans, for more details, visit Liquiloans. (

can I switch my existing investment in current 9% plan to a higher return plan?

you can move all your existing liquid investments to a higher return in just one click.

are these interest rates going to be the same throughout?

no, these deposit rates can be revised basis the market conditions, we will keep you updated before these rates are about to change so that you can plan your investments.


We are not SEBI/IRDA registered. The information provided herein is for education purposes only. We will not be responsible for any of your profit/loss with this channel's suggestions. Consult your financial advisor before making any decisions.
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Risky avoid

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Invest in mutual funds instead, that will give you higher interest rate with lesser risk.

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This is P2P investment, it is get daily/monthly payouts...way better than mutual funds. Try 12% Club or Mobikwik Xtra, they pay better interest than Cred mint. 

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It's a very old product. Withdrew all my money from here because post tax benefits don't really make it attractive for me.

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Do we have to show this in returns?

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Good Morning 😄

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Yes, in income from other sources. 

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Tax is same as tax on fd

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 please check DM


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