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Deal Cadet

Hi All, I was a frequent CRED user a 2 years ago. At that time CRED store used to promote only premium items. After a long break, today when I opened the CRED store, I'm mostly seeing Dream11,Rummy Circle,  Poker Baazi, A23 Poker and all.... what a downfall...

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Deal Lieutenant Deal Lieutenant
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Revenue to run a business is important aswell.

Ethics should be most important aswell.

The PostMighty The PostMighty
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My Google Pay > Rewards and PayTM > Cashback sections are full of these gambling related deals. I lost interest in cricket too over the last 10 years due to commercialization and IPL/20-20. It is a sad state of affairs today that on the sparkling white uniforms of our Test cricket team all you see is Dream11 in big bold letters as the primary sponsor.

Anyway, these brands exist because people cannot help themselves and spend their time and money on these - just like drugs, smoking and drinking (the last is sure to offend some fellow dimers).

Deal Captain Deal Captain
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I make it a rule to gamble only at cred casino using their coins at the jackpot machines.

  All the noise and music and the occasional toss of 3 ₹ coins makes me ecstatic

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