Do you have Credit card earns reward points for Apparel purchases?
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CREDIT CARD -> Any good credit card for apparel stores? that offers cashback?

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Hello Dimers,

I hardly find "dedicated credit card" that gives good rewards for apparel purchases in "retail store MCC", anyone know any good credit card for it?

I kind of know a one for this purpose which is "Axis Rewards credit card", a moderate apparel retail card,

but cons is

1) it gives reward points that can't be taken as statement credit (boring axis edge system when spend is less),

2) no direct cashback

So anyone know any cashback card or cash to statement card for purchasing apparels from RETAIL STORES (i.e Retail apparel MCC)?

Lets see how many has good apparel cards:)

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Buying discounted GV from online portals and then using them on offline stores probably is most rewarding.

eg. Reliance trends gv is 11% off on amazon currently. Get ASV on best discounts from whatever sources you can. Like maybe hdfc dc/ millennia DC 10% or infinia 16% or maybe use simple sbi cb 5%.

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Yes very true:) but what about less popular apparel stores , reliance trends is popular retail apparel store they have vouchers, but what about my nearby small kind apparel store (not large enough to have vouchers), 

if I have apparel reward card it would help smile as i dont see every apparel store has vouchers:) and I dont really shop in popular apparel stores only, i mostly shop at near by apparel stores which will have apparel MCC in their POS machine , 

so it would help me if apparel MCC credit card is found:)
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But not all shops egv available na

Like chennai shopping mall, cmr, and some local shops etc 

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Agreed. I guess there will be suggestions for credit cards which rewards on apparels.

But I just added my 2 cents. I prefer to go to stores which has egv support. Unless its an impulse buy. Have some generic offline rewarding cc in purse for such cases.
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Amex mrcc around 4%

Search here 4 details of this card, to know how to use it

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I see nice:))
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And check my above comment, pls answer, if u know any card for offline clothes shopping

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Axis rewards card for offline apparel shops or onecard for few specific offline shops

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Nice:) yes i also found this axis card only but sadly edge reward points are kinda worthless so didnt dived into it much

but yes Axis rewards card offers reward points nicely for apparel 

hmm one card thats news for me:) 
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