Do you want Rupay or VISA in Cards? or perhaps MASTER?
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CREDIT CARD -> Rupay Vs VISA - How to use Rupay CC's internationally to pay in US$ Dollars?

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Hello Dimers,

I tried using Rupay DC's in past internationally it never worked using Discover network or pulse network (I mean on international website for paying in dollars, it never worked for me this Rupay DC's)

But now I am curious as I got 3 Rupay CC's now I wanted to try it and again no luck with international websites to pay up in dollars using Rupay (i.e Axis Rupay CC, HDFC Rupay CC and SBI Rupay CC)

Which makes me wonder its best to have VISA always lol so some one prove me wrong xD

(Also MASTER from Indian Cards have too much restriction internationally because of BAN/HOLD from Indian Govt. once, so lot of restrictions in Master like gambling or not and with lot of such restrictions)

So anyone know how to make payment using Rupay internationally?

or we need some high end Rupay card for this?

So my final choice is VISA, if Rupay sucks internationally what you say?

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Prove me wrong @abhishek012 xD hehehehe

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1st thing, 99% card transactions in India are domestic.

If you have one visa card that's enough. Many Indians have multiple debit/credit cards.

2nd thing, ya many international website not accept RuPay Discover variant card because these website need recurring payment.

If you have RuPay JCB variant card then this card accept on many online international websites.

Oh, by the way RuPay also working on to expand International e-com transaction without Discover/JCB partnership but it will take few years.

Here one person paid on US Harvard university. He shared on other online forum -

For international transactions, Diners Black has always been my preferred card. Thanks to the fact the website did not accept Diners and I did not want to use AU Zenith which would have been a break even case, I decided to go with SBI Rupay-JCB Debit card because of zero forex markup.

Total amount: USD 153.75

Amount in INR (on google): 12,788 @ 83.17
Amount in INR (deducted): 12,795 @ 83.21
Amount in INR (Visa Rate): 12,804 @ 83.27

Overall found RuPay JCB conversion rates to be competitive.


Here on twitter, She use Tata Neu RuPay Discover card on international webhosting sites which supports discover cards -



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Basically INDIA is a net importer country so we need to do international transactions more than domestic transactions for value additions to products.. (not talking about day to day transaction activities for which Rupay suites 100%) 

So how to do international online payment with self indigenous Rupay? without help of VISA it is too troublesome I think

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Didn't they sign a deal with discover a few months ago? Have you tried after that?

Visa is the best network out there. It's the most convenient and payments go through without any troubles(only done domestic payments ever).

Which is why I have always preferred visa over mastercard/maestro. Rupay has long way to go, stop flexing and actually do the work to establish a better network.

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That's what some blind followers don't seem to get here

Rupay exists because of charity done using our taxes & doesn't even have its own network. No one internationally even wants to accept it & they're just relying on other networks like JCB, Discover which are half baked

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Need help to know the details

1) This Rupay-JCB supports recurring transaction ?

2) Can we request "Rupay JCB" from SBI Credit card to replace existing SBI Rupay Credit Card?



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1) No, Recurring payment is still under development.

2) I am talking about SBI RuPay JCB Debit card. No idea about SBI RuPay JCB Credit card forex transaction fees.

Few SBI Cards are RuPay JCB Credit card variant.
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