Did you took Jumb loan from HDFC?
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Hello Dimers,

I wanted to share an experience, which might help or repeat for you based on algorithm (if what i guess is actually possible) if this is how it is programmed in HDFC backend to get jumb loan offer easily. Might be my case but check

My credit card limit is Rs. 86,000 (got credit card on Nov 2023) 

1) From start itself i kept my usage on HDFC CC low i.e below 10% utilization and kept paying bills on time

At this time i got loan against credit card for Rs. 43000 with 499 processing fee with approximately 20.5% pa APR

2) Then recently i started prepaying everything before statement generation date (to make statement generate with Rs. 0)

At this time I got loan against credit card for Rs. 2,00,000 with 999 processing fee with approximately 15% pa APR

So from this I personally infer the algorithm as

1) the more EARLY we pay the credit card bills and 

2) the less we use the credit card we get more chance of getting Jumb loan 

Jumb loan (i.e which wont block credit limit) against HDFC credit card 

Another thing is

The less we use the credit card the more offer we might get other credit card related offers xD

So any dimers experienced this dejavu?? please comment to crack the backend processing algos:P xD

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This is old trick.

If you use a credit card for  discounts & not as a loan , then banks will offer higher limits & more premium cards if they have.

Ideal utilisation is below 5%.

But why wait for bill generation?

Pre- pay every bill. & Ensure yourself a more precious card & as a trusted customer.

Deal Subedar Deal Subedar
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ah old trick ah

i prepaid just to try gaming my cibil if its possible so checking that..

so this is a old trick ah:) good to know:)

why wait till near bill generation ? well it is to avoid hazzle of repeated transactions:) i prepay bill in total before 3 days of bill generation:)

Deal Subedar Deal Subedar
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Interesting to see that many are not into "Loan" on credit card from the poll updates:)


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