Do you use e-Mandate / e-NACH for autodebiting billed amount in your Credit Cards? (this is good for safety measure in case you forgot)
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CREDIT CARD -> "SBI Card" e-Mandate e-NACH for auto debit from HDFC Bank Account

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Hello Dimers,

Anyone know when SBI Card account will auto debit once the e-Mandate is set in SBI Card against another bank account (HDFC in this case)

So will this autodebit happens in few days after bill generation of SBI Card or will it happen near the 45th day of billing cycle

Anyone used this other bank (not SBI Bank Account for autodebit i.e from some other bank account) e-Mandate (e-NACH) for auto debiting for SBI Card? and when autodebit happens?



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I think it should be on the due date.
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oh okies:) then i can set it up as back up precaution if i forget manual payment from HDFC platinum card:)
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Actually the payment request will be sent two days before your due date to your savings account. The due will be settled within 3 days after the due date.

I received this after I enquired customer care.
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