Credit card suggestion for UPI, fuel and everything else


I suggested my friend to move to credit card instead of using debit card and HDFC/gpay app for UPI.

Day to day expenses:

1. Chai, sutta and food

2. Fuel (car+bike) monthly 3000

3. Online shopping/bus booking occasionally

Which is the best card?? He is a HDFC customer, no other bank account.

Please suggest the best card.

Thanks in advance.

I wanted to refer him for idfc as I get referral 😜.

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Please translate 

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1. axis Ace 

2. Kotak idian oil/ SBI BPCL

3. SBI Cashback 

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advantages of kotak indian oil?
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IDFC Power Plus or ICICI HPCL SuperSaver - Both are RuPay cards, will work with RuPay on UPI and give good cashback on fuel (though people say there is a 50-50 chance).

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Try to get HDFC credit card from using preapproved offers of HDFC bank thta will pop up time to time in their HDFC mobile banking app, 

HDFC credit card is best as you upgrade so better get HDFC credit card what ever is approved and use it regularly for better upgrades so that you can get good rewards for future

for instant good reward card i would suggest SBI Simply Click (for retail offer - grocery, dining, movies .. etc) since you said food this is a good card for it go for it 

HDFC card for future upgrades so get that HDFC as well, since he already has HDFC accout there is more chance of LTF credit card offer for him so try that as well

so summary

1) SBI SimplyClick - rupay

2) get any HDFC credit card in their mobile app if its LTF offer - will get offer for floater virtual rupay card later

Note: the above 3 cards i am personally already using and reaping good rewards

SBI Simplyclick gives 10RP for food which is 2.5% return

HDFC virtual rupay and money back card helps me with auto bill payments being it LTF

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just correction in SBI Simply SAVE 10Rp for Rs.150 is 1.66% return, not 2.5% return

but you can get 2.5% return with 10RP for Rs.100 using "SBI Pulse credit card"

just correcting the info:)


btw for fuel never use credit card almost all the credit cards are charging surchage grrrr and they say waver like 1% (a blind trick by these credit card companies) as they charge surchage like 2% and discount this waver of 1% from it and then say you got  waver lol but you are milked lol hehehehe

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