Have you EVER used 100% or 90% limit in your credit cards and let the bill generate with it? (i.e full utilization)
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CREDIT CARD -> How much CIBIL score we lose?

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Hello Dimers,

I have a doubt, if we use 100% limit or 90% limit and generate statement bill with it, how much credit score it will bring down? 

Any one have experience in this way?

Please comment it on how low your CIBIL score went because of this

it will help me and other dimers as well on how to keep using the credit cards:) to max it out at needy times:)

Don't forget to upvote this post to make it reach many so we can get many inputs from experienced credit card users:) hehehe

Anyone curious?

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Benevolent Benevolent
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In My Case , Above 80% Utilised For 3 Continuous Months Then Nearly 20 Points Dropped.

Again It Rised To 15 Points In 3 Months With Utilisation Ratio Less Than 10%

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interesting, So only for 3 continuous months it is affecting report? 

so one month if we use 90% it shouldn't affect CIBIL score much right, just speculating, to use full limit just for 1 month when the need arises

what you think?
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Hunk Hunk
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I took a CC Loan on sbi card and its shows 236% of Credit Utlization sweat_smile Thank God I have some 10 more cards which balances to 18% of Utilization in CIBIL report and also reduced score -5 Points.

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can you please elaborate what is the loan amount and how much you got offered and how much ROI and how much you took as loan against CC

hmm hehehe basically the whole process if you don't mind:) so that it will be easier to analyze for me and everyone:) when you have time to comment the details:) it will be greatly helpful

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