Credit card, which credits reward points automatically to card/wallet?

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Present I am looking for cc, which credits rp automatically every month

Already using  Sbi cb cc, Apay icici cc

Recently found hsbc cb cc, bob snapdeal cc, tata neu infinity cc also credits 

Are there any other cards?

Pls share bank name & card name

Thank you

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that's all you listed already

Pro DealBaba Pro DealBaba
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Every card rewards automatically, what's the question, I didn't understand.

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For au lit, idfc etc cc, we need to redeem and there are charges : 99+ gst

And for hdfc millenia etc cc, we need to redeem, but no charge for statement credit

For sbi cb cc, rp credits to statement automatically every month

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Deal Subedar Deal Subedar
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Axis Flipkart

Deal Cadet Deal Cadet
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Airtel axis also credits back to the card

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Rbl duet card credits 1%

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RBL shoprite doesn't...
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@sendhil.warrior304 said icici hpcl super saver...

But i can't spend 1.5L, so is there any way to get it ltf ?

And is there any other fuel cc, which credits rp to card/wallet automatically?

@abhishek012 rupay card is also ok, so if u know, pls share

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@some1anywhere @rajarew   @dev007

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Kotak myntra also give statement credit automatically even after every transaction settlement

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Axis fk, Axis ace, airtel axis all these cards credits cb directly to card next month

Deal Newbie Deal Newbie
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As a general rule =>

Cashback cards provide statement credits - cashback credited to statement so that next time you pay less. (Ace,FK Axis,Airtel Axis, SC smart)

Co-branded cards (which are not cashback) mostly provide cash equivalents (points/coins) and goes into special wallets (Neu, APay, HDFC Swiggy, Paytm ) from where you can use with those brands alone

The above happens automatically after statement generation and won't incur any charges

Rewards cards which give reward points and can be used for other purchases from dedicated portals or can be converted to statement credit/miles. This process will be manual and will need you to accumulate certain amount of points.

Cashback cards are simple and usually allrounders. Co branded cards can provide better value if you stick to a brand. Reward cards usually provide great value when you transfer the points to a partner or have some special items like Amex Gold collection.

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Tq for sharing information 

Can u pls share, if u know any other cb cc 

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