Croma not paying for the interest on no cost emi.


So usually in case of no cost emi, most indian websites provide interest amount as upfront discount but that is not the case with tata croma, they make you pay for the interest while promising no cost emi.If you call their customer care service, they say we provide cashback for the no cost emi which is false because their terms and conditions says.

Which means customer will get no cost emi ie customer won't pay for the interest and receive cashback. (table below shows no cost emi on 3,6 and 9 months)
I purchased a laptop in march on no cost emi and there was no cashback on it so I contacted grievance officer regarding it as customer care was saying I have to pay for interest in no cost emi. Grievance officer said

After his mail , he simply said they are still working on the issue and quoted another month. Now its august and he simply stopped replying, what should I do?

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in case the image is not visible here

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I guess 90 days is usually when the interest amount gets credited back. If The charge slip of your card transaction mentions it as No COst EMI, then u would get the interest back

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I don't think it do that for croma, can you show ss? it says  emi offus conversion

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Check ur charge slip and offer details. Interest cashback comes after 90 days. Call ur bank CC and ask them about it
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Bought an iPad for a friend on Croma with 6 months no cost emi using HDFC cc. The extra discount was given upfront, just like other websites.

Say my payable amount was 24,890 and they charged 23,832.18. So I believe the 1058 extra discount will be charged by HDFC while creating the emi.

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Any update bro? Did you receive cashback?
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Yes after the end of emi, just the emi cost. No extra

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