currently 23 looking for options to invest

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Guys suggest some good ways to invest 1-2 k monthly basis from my earnings. Totally a newbie in investing. Thanks in advance for your suggestions
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Open an account in Groww and start investing in an index fund.

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What's a index fund

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Firstly decide your risk calibre.

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1-2 k a month

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Nifty bees

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first create a emergency fund of 6 months

then acquire new skills that will help you grow your total income

you can chose to put off investment till 24 - 25 even if you invest this 2k that is 24k yearly that is what 48k in (2years) even if you make 100% returns it will be below 1 Lac 

here it is important that your salary increases so invest in yourself also its better to plan trips as it will give you a new perspective 

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True. Recently I read this book by Nick Maggiulli 'Just Keep Buying ' and he made this point precisely. People worry too much about investing etc. unless the savings is substantial, it doesn't really matter much. With a corpus of say 1 lakh, if you put it in mutual fund or FD or anywhere, the difference wouldn't be much.

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