Daliya suggestion required.

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Regularly use daliya.. How to get good quality daliya..

Local shops don't have in tamilnadu

Online amazon brand vedika brand sells 500g for 31rs.

Any suggestions?
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Jiomart? The one from Reliance's in-house brand, Goodlife is decent. 

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Dmart one also can be tried.

Once in anger as semi broken wheat was not available (for making some other dish)

a cousin spun wheat in a mixer-grinder jar.
It worked.🙂
(Mixer was 750 watts and of Philips or similar brand.)

She was telling my wife actually and I asked my wife if it actually broken the jar.
Jar was fine and although she (my cousin) needed broken but larger pieces.. in the last round she spun it at full speed for 7-8 seconds and ended up getting smaller bits (unintended).

But I think that material (grain) has to be super dry.

We have personally ground softer stuff like bajra in mixers and used the coarse result for our local dishes.
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Jiomart not in chennai

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Visit reliance fresh or order from big basket

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i get it from Dmart delivered. Have tried from Amazon, but prefer Dmart as it cooks better.

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First thing first, Why Daliya?

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to 'eat'. (It is food item, used after cooking. Porridge also sometimes given to birds or animals, those who feed animals, that is.)
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All are same it's just wheat.

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means for you it is the same with poha too?

it does not matter how thick or thin/small the daliya/poha pieces are or from what quality and what variety of wheat/rice is used to make them?
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