Debit card with lounge access?

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Can you name a few debit cards which have lounge access?

I don't want to use a credit card so I need a debit card which can provide lounge access.
I have a BoB bank account.
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Use Rupay Platinum debit card of BOB or upgrade to it (as you are already paying annual fees for it), if you have some other BOB debit card.

Otherwise you will need to open an account with other private banks (Axis, Yes, IDFC, HDFC, AU bank etc.) which provide premium VISA/MASTER debit cards for minimum balance requirements of 25k-5 lakhs

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Niyo global provides debit card with no mab and provides lounge access along with zero tcs and forex upto 7L

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Hdfc platinum mastercard gives 1 per quarter. It it available with savings max account 25k mab.

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IDFC first select gives it with a companion twice a quarter, its LTF but you can get it only if iyou maintain 5lacs or so as balance that too at banks discretion. Mine was upgraded automatically.

 ICICI coral also used to, i am not sure now but it was chargeable. I Yes bank rupay platinuam does too. Most other rupay platinum debit cards give that as well, but check properly. 

Easiest will be the rupay platinum with AU zero balance account. ts completely online and ridiculously simple to open. Its 170 per year but worth it as there are a lot of offers. You can also apply for AU lit CC it gives 2 lounge accesses in a quarter at 300 as an add on feature. 

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Companion also are u sure?

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HDFC salary account provides platinum debit card, gives lounge access

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Axis Rupay Dc

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SBI platinum VISA/mastercard/rupay debit card

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What is use of lounge access @just_talk

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Au royale

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