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My short term gain is ₹5.00 lakhs what all deduction applicable to me. Can we claim all expenses like STT ?

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are you sure? as investors who claim their profit as Income from Capital Gains (STCG or LTCG), cannot claim STT as an expense.

All expenses incurred like acquisition cost , brokerage charges paid , Stamp duty , SEBI turnover fees , Clearing charges , GST is allowed as deduction. However STT - Securities Transaction tax is not eligible for deduction where you show such income under the head capital gain.
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No deductions for stcg. Unless this your only source of income, then upto 3L will be exempt in new regime.

I think you will have to pay stcg tax on the rest but with rebates available upto 7L, you may not have to pay anything at all.
Not sure about this.

You can only claim stt as an expense if you declare the gains and losses as a business income.
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Any cg taxable without reabtes after basic exemption...

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