Deduction u/s 80D

I'm purchasing a medical insurance policy for my parents and the premium will be deducted from my mother's bank account, also the receipt will be in her name. I'll be transferring amount from my bank account to my mother's bank account for the premium payment.

So my question is, in this case, will I be able to claim tax benefit u/s 80D?

Thanks in advance.
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There is an option of proposers name in the policy, you need to give your name as proposer in order to claim if you are not paying

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No issues bro, claim it, just have a receipt of premium paid(should not be in cash) and premium should be on ur parent. That's it, it doesn't matter who paid and mostly neither government nor ur employer will trace whether payment done by you
The only thing they ask for is receipt and such receipt should contain ur parent name

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