Defunct brand names bought by chinese and indian companies

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i am bringing up the discussion for the wider benefit of dimers here. Though everything now is digital and influential marketing among educated, there are other sides to it.

Brands used to mean something, now they are virtually irrelevant, just a name slapped on whatever stuff.

the brands here are well respected in their origin countries, europe and NA. 

But due to globalization and some other market conditions they lost to hongkong and china rivals. 

i will name few brand and guess who owns the names smile

1) blaupunkt, german brand lost business in 2016. Now only license of brand name sold. Indian manufacturing unit super electronics bought it and making electonics under their name. Parts are imported from china and assembled in their UP manufacturing unit.

Blaupunkt’s original engineering and manufacuring units are bought by bosch and used for car audio manufacturing.

2) kodak again does the same and indian mannufacturer mentioned above makes electronics of same company smile.

3) Westinghouse Electronics (Chinese owned, US based marketer of TVs. Owned by Tsinghua Tongfang Pty Ltd, china)

4) Seiki Digital (Chinese owned by  Tsinghua Tongfang Pty Ltd, china. US based maker of inexpensive TVs) 

Chinese companies have been buying up entire western companies, not just the brand names, for years.

A few I found surprising, but there are plenty more.

  1. GE Appliances

  2. MG Motors

  3. Motorola Mobility

  4. Pirelli (reuters news suggested that in 2017 chinese chemical reduced their controlling stake to 47% from 65% as there was uproar over it, still most board directors are chinese and they have a say)

  5. Volvo cars( only cars not entire volvo), Geely Holding, china

* The only intention of this discussion is just to make good buying decision and not to fall for what they advertise like non-chinese, german, taiwanian etc

Edited after few comments below

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This is useful information. Thanks OP.

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Critic Critic
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Good share, wasn’t aware of Pirelli.

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cadence wrote:

Good share, wasn’t aware of Pirelli.

just fyi, i have edited few based on your comments. Thanks

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