Delete saved tokens of Axis credit card

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Is there any way to delete saved Axis credit card from other apps?

There is an option in Indusind app for managing saved tokens. But could not find any similar option jn axis app.

Card is saved in my colleague's paytm account.
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They should give an option. Axis cards are not safe. Today got 3 OTPs for a txn amount of 30K, a transaction that I didn't even initiate. The merchant name was VERNOST MARKETING SERVICE, Axis's own portal, Traveledge. The credit section in their app was down at that time. When I called the number mentioned on the card backside to block the card, it redirected me to the debit card team, and after 5 tries finally placed a replacement request. Felt very unsafe.  One customer care guy said I don't hold any card ending with that number. 😂

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I am looking for the same for One Card (Federal)

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Kisiko nahi pata? sleepy

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better to deactivate online txn from app. just activate before actually using and deactivate again after use.

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