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AJIO is the worst online website that I came across till now..I do lot of Online shopping but AJIo is simply PATHETIC and tops the charts. I ordered a non returnable pre paid product through AJIO which my first one with them..I by mistake ordered wrong size which I realized when the order was in shipment status and could not cancel so I sent email to AJIO customer service regarding the Cancellation to which they said not to accept the order when the delivery guy comes in and decline of the same will automatically lead to cancellation which I did. I got message saying,“product is delivered” and when I called the delivety guy,he said by mistake he selected the wrong status"Delivered" instead of “Cancellation” and forced me to accept the order as amount would deduct from his salary. I told him the order is of no good and cannot accept then his boss told me to accept the order just for the sake and hand over again to delivery guy with application saying,you dont need it.he promised me that he will get me Refund for Non "Returnable item "which I did not agree and called up the AJIO customer service and informed about the same.The customer service asked me to wait for week and promised to call Me back after 5 days.I did not receive and call from them and when i called they said that I have signed and accepted the delivery .ThEy then lodged another complaint n adkd me to wait for anothet week and again said to wait for 6more days.I even sent them the recording of delivery guy wherein he accepted that he has now opened the product n is used by his wife still no response from Ajio.I hate them..Pathetic customer service..Guys please font waste your time n money on AJIO..This company is fraud..They dont listen to customer n give fake commitments..the only word I have for them is “USELESS