Did SBI stopped giving Cashback SBI card

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Heard many people are not getting card approved even to people with good credit score. Has anyone recently got the card approved? Thanks.
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Mine with 850+ rejected even after completing all verification and was told that you will get the card in 7 working days.. Next day on tracking shows card rejected due to some internal policy not met.. Already have citi, hdfc and icici apay with very high credit limit 

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Heard same from others. When did this happened
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My friend got instant approval yesterday.

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My card is approved but they are asking for income proof which I do not have 😁😁

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got approval message but with paltry 20k limit . Had all credit cards with more than 5 lacs limit but 20k ??? Wtf SBI !!!

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Lucky Boi. 

My Apay card was approved with 12k limit. Not increased even after 2 years. Eventually closed the card. 

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Rejected my sbi credit card application for more than three times,i have 3 axis cc and 1 hdfc cc with good credit limt

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