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Dimers Expert advice on Best SBI Debit Card to Choose from

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Bunch of options to select from the list for SBI Debit Card to apply. Can someone suggest which would be Best among  them along with Charges if possible for optimizing in terms of utilization the benefits of the cards







Can we opt to have different Physical & Virtual SBI Debit cards i.e. 2 different Debit cards ?

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None of the mentioned cards are good. Better go to the branch and apply for any Rupay Platinum DC. You can then avail Amazon's Rupay platinum offer of 20% up to 100 rs.

Yes, you can have 1 physical and 1 virtual card. (Remember there'll AMC for both of them)

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Any more valuable inputs /clarification from the Experts for Both Physical & Virtual Cards Or Any other Special Debit Card that be availed from Branch->

*Account type seems Savings Diamond category customer

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Additional/Off Topic - Does any SBI Debit card provides lounge facilities

Thanks everyone in Advance


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-SBI have three varient mastercard/visa/rupay diner/rupay JCB 
-only platinum varient of above have lounge acess
-goto branch , many varient like rupay platinum JCB dont display in online banking
-0.25% reward rate , take rupay for to use
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SBI DCs aren't good in terms of VFM, better to avoid physical DC altogether and keep virtual DC since it's FREE.

Both RuPay Platinum and RuPay Select DCs are way too costly in SBI unless you're holding a salary account or HNI account.

For general mass, I feel Bank of Baroda Lite Savings A/C has the best offering in terms of having 1 physical and 1 virtual RuPay Platinum DC FREE if QAB of Rs. 3k (max.) is maintained.

For RuPay Select DC, there's PNB Elite Savings A/C with MAB of Rs. 50k and no charges for the DC.

This is the lowest offerings that I know of.

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  1. What are the types of HNI account in SBI & how to apply for same (Currently on portal shows Diamond variant)
  2. I have got a BOB account created automatically because of merger from another Bank & still holding older Bank debit card (surprisingly still working) 
Can I opt for same free Rupay Platinum with this account ?

PNB Elite seems good , will give it a try
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Having all 3 cards varient

Marster card is worst not able to use in paytm for cc bill payments

Yes both physical and virtual different cards at same time possible

I am Keeping physical card just for without line cash deposit in branch otherwise only virtual is enough

Sbi dc useful for .25% reward rate only no other benifits.

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Btw How did you opt for all 3 variant of Virtual card ? And are there any charges for the virtual ones ?
Among the list which Physical card are you holding & What would be the best to pick ?
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