Discrepancy in Axis CC statement

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Total Credit Limit of the card is 1,19,000 Rs.
Bill due is 5159 Rs.

There is nothing pending. No EMI.
Then how come the Used credit limit is 32126?

I have been observing this discrepancy for last few months.

NOW, below you can see payment summary of the latest CC bill.
This is entirely different from what is being shown in the netbanking.

Although I have raised this issue with Twitter support but is there anyone here who faced similar situation?


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Bro, It's the transaction you did after the Latest Statement date (20th after), It shows the total utilised credit limit.

26,967.31Rs is your UNBILLED TXN Which is yet to be settled by MERCHANT

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Hmm Thanks.
You are partially correct.

I did this transaction of around 27k on 18th April but it was reversed on 24th April. 
That was part of May Billing cycle and has been settled. but for some reasons Axis has still not refilled the credit limit against it.

Then I did small transactions in May and June. 2-3k, 

So it is definitely as a result of the transaction done on 18th April. (May cycle)

Never seen such a delayed updation process in ICICI or HDFC though.

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I checked both threads.
First is different from my issue. because that is related to confusion in bills of 2 different CC.

Second thread is exactly the issue I faced.

Yes. I have paid the due amount only.
Thanks for replying.

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Why always there are issues with axis cc statement only 🙈

never faced issues with hdfc or icici  

although everything is systematic but how come  there is issue with axis only .. even today i was checking my flipkart axis cc statement and was feeling like bill is incorrect.. 

then finally left calculations and paid the dues 😂

i know it will not be wrong but there statement always sucks…uttery confusing.. and with shared limit it sucks even more

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Hey @irajnish Did your issue get fixed ? For me the discrepancy is still showing in app and statements.  

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No. Although the twitter support told me that they had refreshed my credit card account. But nothing happened. I gave up. And ignored.
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