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ATTENTION @Flipkart!

 FRAUDULENT TRANSACTIONS on my Flipkart account on 06/04/2024


. A total of ₹270,000 was stolen across 3 credit cards using GIFT CARDS! My Flipkart ID has already been BLOCKED due to this suspicious activity.

I have ALREADY REGISTERED A CYBERCRIME COMPLAINT regarding this theft. I expect a thorough investigation from Flipkart's end to identify the culprit and recover my stolen funds.


I demand a detailed explanation of how this security breach occurred.

I expect immediate action to prevent similar incidents for other customers.

Please treat this matter with utmost urgency. I will be escalating this issue to consumer forums and relevant authorities if a swift resolution isn't provided.

#FlipkartFraud #Cybercrime #StolenFunds






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kya scene h?

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Did he call u, video call u, told to install an app or something?

If so nothing can be done.

I fell victim of 50k. Luckily after the first txn I cut the call and damage was 50k only.

I lodged cyber crime, asked fk to cancel the gift cards and all. Filed chargeback to bank and all but nobody helped.

In ur case damage is more than 2L. If u r rich u will recover.

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how did it happen without otp? I think some app may be an issue which hacked your phone and also got otp. 

first flipkart account will require otp .
then respective credit cards require otp.

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How in the world this happen it requires an OTP from Flipkart end & Bank end to process the order. Hope you recover your money soon.

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OP please keep on updating us here

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