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Utensils washing gel: Which ones you prefer and why?

A bit annoying that Vim still price even their 5000ml pack exorbitantly, compared to ganga-jamuna ones.

Some of the Surat, Rajkot manufactured alternatives (bought from D-mart/Walmart offline and Flipkart on-line) were not that running and did the job fine.
The Surat, Rajkot made ones.. many times are literally less then half the price of Vim gel (for the 5000ml pack).

Also any idea why the Dettol [dish washing] gel has hardly any traction on-line and barely visible off-line?

Pril, Vim are charging a lot of premium, although their product might be good.
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VIM because it works.

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Thanks, yup it does.
Unfortunately even in Reliance Big bazaar in my relatives town, oy the 2000ml pouch packing is available.
And Reliance has them cheapest amongst on-line, off-line stores.

But 5000ml and 750ml/1800ml plastic cans, bottles are way too overpriced (as compared to the Vapi-Valsad, Rajkot made alternatives).
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Burhani liquid dishwash. we have to make it ourselves by mixing all items, but extremely economical and very good to clean even oily cookware etc.  Even better than vim. Used to use tetraclean before this, that was also economival but not very good it was like 90% effective compared to vim. 

We are a joint family so we buy burhani 5 pack of 5liter material which makes 25 liters dishwash liquid total, effectively costing around Rs25 per liter of dishwash liquid

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@bronze That ACTUALLY is a valid alternative, thanks for reminding.

Unfortunately the Ram Kapoor advertisement memories kicked in, the couple of times (at my parents' home) I saw substantial residue in those 'prepared' gels/ liquids.

Initially I assumed that may be there was deficiency in the way it was prepared, so enquired with other users and even the shopkeepers. Almost all mentioned that yes, often some residue is there (meaning not everything is dissolved.)

Might tend to leave more fine deposits even after rinsing, if the person has to quickly finish the job.

But otherwise, yes very economical.
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Spoke to mom, about 2 decades back in Rajasthan,she used to use some product which used to sound like "selery" which she had to make by adding water, and it used to have the residue that you're talking about, and cleaning was not as expected with that. 

We personally got to know about Burhani by a restaurant, saw them dissolving it once and asked them about it. found it on amazon, and our home ministers are happy with it, they told no residue or white marks are showing up. Only the cookware or large utensils is washed with hand using this, and crockery etc we put in dishwasher. 
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Pril and Vim, both are good.

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airel mattic is best

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Pril and Vim are overpriced. From BigBasket, you can get BB Home Dishwash liquid gel with awesome aloe vera and lemon fragrance:

Otherwise from the local market you can get 1L dishwash gel like Go-Go dishwash for something like ₹120.


Vim and Pril while well known brands are just looting the public just for their brand name. Compared to what they cost, they are charging ridiculous prices (very high profit margins).

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