Do you use separate card holder for your credit and debit cards?
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Do anyone know good "card holder" for credit card and debit cards?

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Hello Dimers

As more and more cards are piling up in "my wallet" its getting difficult to hold it in place, its time to find a good SEPARATE card holder that is VERY COMPACT AND ERGONOMIC

Anyone know any good Credit/Debit Card holder to purchase with the following criteria

1) should be very compact to hold more than 10 cards (important)

2) easy to access cards within the card holder, shouldn't be messy (very important)

3) Quick way in 5 second or 10 second to access cards from the cardholder when standing in bill counter to pay bills offline

4) Quality of product is important

5) Any price is fine

6) Should have good ergonomics

7) Shouldn't scratch cards

0) Optional not important: faradays cage kinda protection from contactless scanning

I know its lot of conditions:) xDDD 

Anyone know such credit / debit card holders? please suggest

would be nice to purchase a good card holder during these deal times in amazon or flipkart or in any international websites , so kindly suggest:)

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