Do i need to file ITR if the total income for the year is under Rs 3LPA?

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Do i need to file ITR if the total income is under 3LPA?

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Always better to file Income tax, even with zero taxation

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Yes, it is always good to file ITR even if income is zero. If you don't file, it will appear as ITR not filed for that year in IT database. IT department has no way of knowing what your income was for that year (if everything was not digital payment), so at some point their AI might send you automated notices.

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Filing ITR Is Beneficial For Getting Credit Cards , Loans , Visa Application Etc (Not 100% Guaranteed Approval But It Acts As A Proof Of Income).

Hdfc Credit Card Simply Ask ITR File If U Don't Give Proper Self Employee Details.

U Can Find Many Other Benefits , Do
Google Search  "" Zero Filing Benefits ""

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it's voluntary in your case.

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Kardo bhai paise thodi lag rhe hai. Kaam ata hai baad mai, kardo

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yes, you should ... if your intentions are clean going forward, definitely file ITR even if you'll be liable to pay ZERO tax

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