Do we need to change bank account in mutual funds for Paytm Bank?

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I did some mutual fund investment using Paytm Bank. Got one email from [email protected] to update Bank Account in mutual fund as Paytm Bank is dying.

I do not have any SIP setup. Do we need to do change account or we have option of choosing which bank account to redeem into in future?

Attaching mail screenshot.


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Screenshot is too small. Yes you need to change bank account in folios for future redemption purpose.

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Login to mfcentral and change your account in all mutual funds by uploading cheque of old & new bank.

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Did paytm payments bank ever issue chequebook?

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Change it now

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I tried to link APB and I eneterd branch as Gurgaon. But validation failed. Is something wrong here?    I do not have any mandate. I am just changing so that I do not face issue while redemption.
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Site is genuine or fake? https://www.camsonlin...m/

Looks like genuine only. Somebody please guide.

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Try using MFCentral Best Service will be updated within 7 days

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