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Is your watermelon safe to eat ??

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In the comments below the video, has someone tried to mention your user ID?

Do you know?
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@_one_miller_ might know if it's safe

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Every fruits , vegetables and milk is laden with dangerous chemicals, either to make them ripe fast or make them look in attractive colours.

Even when I and my dad try to grow a few fruits and vegetables organically in our backyard, monkeys come and destroy everything and will also shit all over. There should be a licence professional to neuter these monkey menace for good.

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Menka Gandhi is watching you, be aware. 

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It's all relative risk.

For example, the air you breathe today is also not "SAFE"! There's so much harmful chemicals (due to pollution from motor vehicle smoke etc) that literally you're breathing deadly gases daily in tiny amounts. 

As far as the chemicals in food goes, starting from seeds storage till fruit preservation, there's usage of chemicals in each & every stage of process!!

They may be safe to consume at once but may add up in years of consumption.. 

Ps: once compare the amount of harm caused by eating at a fast food centre and harm caused by eating watermelon. You'll find the damage caused by the fancy burger, pizza joint is much more than it looks! 

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