Do you track your calories intake?

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If yes, which app is best according to Indian Food?

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Yep, have been for the past year. 

Healthify is the only app I have tried and quite satisfied but way too many reminders to subscribe.

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By track, I would say I just monitor the type and portions (quantity).

No applications or even the nutrition charts on packaged foods themselves can be relied upon, by me.

The laboratory method to identify or rather guesstimate calories is to 'burn' a standard sized piece of that food. Depending on how long it continues before charring, a rough idea is given as to the fuel (calories) in said quantity of the item.

But for street food, snacks and home made dishes these numbers are all made up. Hence I simply prefer monitor how much I eat of something.
Or simply avoid certain foods, beverages altogether if needed.

Intermittent NBM (nil by mouth) is another thing I often do.
But this is not a medical advice and those with medical conditions, ailments should not take fasting advice, inspiration without analysing their own specifics.
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any packaged food 100gm is 400-600cal, high unhealthy fat. carbs

any homemade food  100gm is 100 to 300cal.

fruits 100gm is 50 -150cal.

so, eat anything at home you won't need to count calories. just avoid fried items

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can easily avoid outdoor food, but don't have control on portion at home 😭
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trying to gain weight but msierably failing at it but if I don’t eat for few days my weight drops like anything

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Using Healthifyme, quite a long time now, does not give you accurate count for calories, but it gives you the idea of your intake. 

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Rather than meticulously counting calories, it can be more manageable to monitor your weight. Using a home scale for regular weigh-ins, such as every Sunday, can help you keep track. If you notice an increase in weight, consider reducing your fast food intake for the following week. This approach allows for a more flexible and sustainable way to maintain a healthy weight.

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I do,with plain old excel sheet

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